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In order for people to go the San Diego convention how far in advance do the need to buy the tickets and do they always get in when they do?

Hi Kristine,

Preregistration for those who attended the 2014 event starts on November 8, 2014.  Prior attendees will receive an email that allows them to apply for a badge(s) for the 2015 event.

Everyone wishing to purchase a badge must have a member ID.  Here are the FAQs from their official website.

You can apply for a Member Id with this link.  It is currently closed but says it will open shortly after preregistration is complete.

So to recap, there are 2 ways to buy a badge.  
1.  Preregistration via email notification from Comic Con starting November 8, 2014 for attendees from 2014.
2.  On-line registration (date is TBD) and will occur after preregistration is complete. The badges are limited so you will need to check back often to increase your chances of obtaining a badge.  

Good Luck!
Bonnie Vent
Genesis Creations Entertainment  

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