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hello I seem stupid for asking this but I have a question to ask.what if eminem
doesn't write back when you send him a letter will he still get the letterfor will be a 50 50 chance that he will write backand or what if you want him to send you something likea signed picture poster or like a CDdo you think he'll give it to or like some sort of signature on a paper because you never know like if you don't get a signature now when he passes away you have nothing of him I know this question is really stupid but I would like it if you reply to me soon about this question?you can reach me at this email address Pandasforlive61@Gmail

Hi Amanda,

I do not have specific information on how his fan mail is handled.  It is up to the performer and his management on how they handle mail.  I would not send anything of value as you might not get it back.  It is always better to get an autograph in person.  That way you know he signed it.  

I hope this helps!
Bonnie Vent
Genesis Creations Entertainment

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I can answer questions regarding Classic Television Stars. I own Genesis Creations Entertainment so I speak and work with celebrities on a regular basis. My clients include cast members from The Munsters, Addams Family, My Three Sons, Happy Days. I do not handle fan mail or give out contact information.


I actually work with these celebrities on personal appearance bookings. I speak with them directly on a regular basis.

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