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QUESTION: What kind of past life actions or personality traits make a human being to be born with physical beauty?I have read that it is patience and kindness.Are the personality traits that lead to physical beauty considered as spiritual virtues?

ANSWER: 1. Any attribute is the result of such a requirement for further evolution of that particular Jiva (embodied soul). On a parallel, efforts towards the attainment of such an attribute will have been applied in previous existences.

For example, a person who wishes to excel in a particular sport starts practicing in that direction. He trains himself continuously to attain excellence. Despite his efforts, if the degree of perseverance is say a little deficit as compared to the actual requirement (which comes in the way of achieving perfection), then he carries these Samskara-s (impressions) to his next existence. In the successive birth/births, he very quickly masters the intricacies (as such impressions already exist in bloom within further to his previous efforts) and eventually attains to the goal.

The same formula and process applies to all other things including success in spirituality. When the impressions and tendencies of a particular action (resulting from previous & current efforts) reach their zenith, perfection as regards that action is attained and displayed in that being. Also, it is to be understood that each person being a constituent part of the 'Leela' (divine play) of the Lord, a particular set of actions and the resulting impressions are the prerequisites for further evolution of that soul.

Even in case of physical beauty, the required efforts would be in place from before. The person would have consciously or unconsciously striven in the direction of attaining to such a form at the physical & mental levels. When the impressions generated from such thought and action start to ripen, the corresponding fruits are seen externally.

Patience and kindness are not necessarily factors contributing to the same. The existence of people who are very impatient and unkind, yet possessing external beauty supports this fact. A person who has continuously striven to be patient and kind in previous existences cannot all of a sudden become the opposite in this existence. The practice of patience and kindness eventually generates a similar reaction from others as well. This is the result.

2. Samskara-s (impressions) behind physical beauty need not be spiritual virtues. There are enlightened souls who are not exactly beautiful in the physical sense. They may not possess attributes termed attractive in the normal sense of physically symmetrical features etc. There are innumerable physically attractive and beautiful people who are yet to bloom spiritually. Then, there are those who are both beautiful (physically) and spiritual as well. This world is a mysterious playground of the great Lord where variation is the rule of the game.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for the answer!I know that my low spirituality can't help me see things in the right way.I just used to think that lack of physical beauty is the result of sins done in past lives.So i wanted to know what are they,to refrain from them.No matter what i know i should only care about acquiring inner beauty.I just happen to think that physical beauty is a real blessing for people who have it, and feel i would be really happy if i possessed more attractive features.

1. This body is a bag of flesh made of blood, bone, fat etc. Does the blood or flesh of a very beautiful person smell good when they are wounded and these come out? Does oneís own blood or raw, bruised skin smell good? Minus the skin, all human bodies appear in their real, common form; raw meat with nerves, blood vessels, bones and fat. It is not any different from the dead carcass of a goat hung at the butchers.

2. External beauty is the work of ĎMayaí (cosmic illusion) that makes these filthy things appear beautiful. Maya blinds the Buddhi (intellect) and makes it overlook reality. Minus skin, the body of the most beautiful woman would not be sought after even by the most passionate man. The Atman (pure soul) within surcharges the body with the effects of Maya to continue creation and run the world. As soon as the Atman vacates the body at death, the very same body of the woman becomes a repulsive, smelling corpse which is anything but attractive. Hence the wise strive to stay clear from these tricks of Maya. The wise man does not seek external beauty or worship it, knowing it to be nothing more than an illusion of the mind.

3. It is inner beauty alone that matters. Such beauty comes only when man inches closer to his true Atmic state. One should not worry about his looks or that of others, for physical beauty is illusory. It is impermanent and unreal, for it changes with time and finally disappears. That inner beauty of the Atman alone is beautiful, for it is eternal, timeless and one of substance.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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