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QUESTION: Hello Dhananjay sir, I would like to thank you for sharing valuable information with people like us on the topic of celibacy.
I want to practice strict celibacy but I am suffering from nocturnal emission 2-3 times in a month.It occurs without any type of sexual dream.I guess it may be due to thin semen.There are many ayurvedic medicines available in the market for Nocturnal emission and making semen,I want to know whether these medicines work or not.Is there any side effect of these medicines?In your opinion,should I use these medicine or try yoga ,asanas etc.Thanks.

ANSWER: 1. No medicine can control nocturnal emissions. To transmute semen, one needs the grace of the Lord & not medicines. Do not use any medicines. That is not the way for the Yogi. The Yogi should be self-sustained and will eventually become so if he is not.

2. Follow a life of Yoga & Brahmacharya as has been described in past answers. Follow the procedure very correctly and regularly with devotion to God. After six months of honest efforts, things will stabilize.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your reply.I read in a book of Swami Sivananda that if one practices strict celibacy continuosly for 12 years without losing even a single drop of semen ,he will enter into samadhi without any effort and will have the vision of God.So,Is nocturnal emission occasionally once in a month or once in a year is also a break in this type of celibacy for 12 years mentioned above?Also  how much or what amount of food  should a brahmachari take per day?

1. Occasional nocturnal emissions do not constitute a break. If one strives sincerely and honestly in a life of Yoga, he will become an 'Urdhvareta' (after which nocturnal emissions stop).

2. Details concerning food have been addressed in past answers.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)


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The term 'Yoga' is a derivative of the Samskruth verb 'Yuj' which refers to union. 'Yoga', also called 'Brahma vidy‚' is the eternal dissolution of the individual 'Aham' (Ego) into the Atman (self) for 'Mukti' (liberation). Mere indulgence in '¬sana' or physical postures is not Yoga. ¬sana is only one limb or 'Anga' of Yoga. The eight limbs viz. Yama, Niyama, ¬sana, Pr‚n‚y‚ma, Praty‚h‚ra, Dh‚rana, Dhy‚na and Sam‚dhi are the means to Yoga. Brahmacharya or spiritually based continence is one of the important components of 'Yama'. 'Brahmacharya':- "Brahmani charyathey ithi" - "To surrender one's Ego and go with the will of the Almighty."


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