That is not really what I do.  It is not fair for you to accuse me of that.  You don't know me.

I know what you told me.  You have told me
1. you have frequent wet dreams
2. you have been having them since you were 13 (meaning you are now older than 13)   
3. you say you "don't want" to "touch your penis"

1. and 2. tell me you have been at least a year past puberty.  I find it very hard to believe that a male past puberty doesn't masturbate.  And in your last message, you didn't say you don't masturbate, only that you don't want to.  Now in your latest message,

4.  you say masturbation is not what you really do.  

So you keep qualifying your denial and don't say flat out that you don't masturbate.  So I have to believe you do, and I want you to accept it as normal, healthy, and fun.  Furthermore, you complain about wet dreams, so by accepting masturbation and doing it more often, you can solve both problems.  You will enjoy it more if you accept it.


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When it comes to celibacy/abstinence, I am more likely to point out the downside of being sexually abstinent. I don't advocate abstinence as a long-term sexual lifestyle. Abstinence is a good thing when the alternative is being sexual in an indiscreet manner, but it is a bad thing when a healthy sexual lifestyle of being monogamous with a partner is available. I frequently answer questions in the masturbation and male masturbation categories on AllExperts.com. I take all questions pertaining to sexuality.


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