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I am a christian in religion.Although i have read many books over spiritual matters, i don't know where to start from.When someone is  zero level in spirituality, what is the first thing to do in order to start the path towards enlightment?

Also i am a ''daydreamer''. I very often make various imaginary  scenes in my mind(like ''seeing'' a movie in your mind). Is it impossible to make even the smallest step in spirituality while having such a habit?

1. Read a page of the Bible and its summary with devotion to God every day.

2. Start a life of Yoga & Brahmacharya as has been described in past answers.

3. When these methods are adopted, the day dreaming will gradually subside and the mind will get poised for meditation on the reality.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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Questions concerning the practice of 'Brahmacharya' to know the self, & the means required are dealt with here.


The term 'Yoga' is a derivative of the Samskruth verb 'Yuj' which refers to union. 'Yoga', also called 'Brahma vidy‚' is the eternal dissolution of the individual 'Aham' (Ego) into the Atman (self) for 'Mukti' (liberation). Mere indulgence in '¬sana' or physical postures is not Yoga. ¬sana is only one limb or 'Anga' of Yoga. The eight limbs viz. Yama, Niyama, ¬sana, Pr‚n‚y‚ma, Praty‚h‚ra, Dh‚rana, Dhy‚na and Sam‚dhi are the means to Yoga. Brahmacharya or spiritually based continence is one of the important components of 'Yama'. 'Brahmacharya':- "Brahmani charyathey ithi" - "To surrender one's Ego and go with the will of the Almighty."


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