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Celibacy/Abstinence/Degradation of a society


Respected Dhananjay,

I live in a city, and I love my ciry lot for it being my birthplace yet several incidents associated with this city concerning safety of women have always perplexed me. A lot many questions keep arising in my mind thus.

1. My city is considered to be the unsafest in India for women and that definitely is. Is it some sort of collective and predestined phenomena that a city built with its huge populace with their karmic destinies make the city deteriorate in its moral and ethical standards?

2. Most women feel unsafe in my city and the unfortunate ones are assaulted brutally for sexual gratification and lust, are these associated incidents for these women pre-destined?

3. If events of one's life are so pre-destined due to their past karmas, then what is the purpose of laws and punishment for the criminals? Why can't we term such atrocities as a mere matter of destiny for the victims and do these criminals ever pay for otheir crime, how can they be so audacious to carry out such acts of sin?
Why do we see criminals go scotfree?

4. Why other cities are safer than my city or more so, why India is unsafe for women? Why women feel safer in abroad (western nations), though we say that India is a land of high moral and spiritual power.

5. Western countries are considered to be lacking spiritual imprints of the past, and more materialistic then why is it that we see more creativity, innovation, peace, harmony and cleanliness in the West and almost negligible in India even though it is considered spiritually advanced.

6. Do criminals involved in sexual crimes, ever get punished for their actions?

I know the questions are off-topic but somewhere the collective aspect of what you preach can be reason how a community or a  city can proceed to a safe future.


1. Certain places have certain predominant factors good or bad. Like all other things in the manifest world, this is also a part of Maya (illusion)

2. Yes

3. The nature of karma is to work itself out and teach lessons to the Jiva. The purpose of law is to deter people from indulging in wrong karma & punish those who have not heeded to it. There are some who manage to escape the law of the land despite criminal behavior. They however cannot escape the law of karma which follows & punishes the Jiva even after it gives up this body and takes new births.

4. Good and evil are two sides of the coin called Maya. As long as man is under the influence of Maya, the two co-exist. As soon as one holds to his true state of self knowing the non-self to be unreal, Maya and therefore the world cease to exist.

5. For spirituality to exist, it must be made into a way of life. Spirituality is one's true state of the self. If the mind is constantly directed outwards making it the very way of life beyond permissible limits by forgetting oneís true state, spirituality diminishes. This is rampant in the current scenario.

Orderliness and discipline are the building blocks for both spiritual & material progress. Such discipline has been ingrained in some of the western cultures as regards some domains while the same has largely eroded in present day India. Ancient India was known for its cleanliness, both internal (of the mind) and external (of the body & its surroundings). The present state is the result of degeneration.

People foolishly ape the bad examples set by western cultures and ignore the good (such as discipline, cleanliness etc.) The wise however adopt the best of all humanity, constantly working to progress in the path of true evolution, knowing the right path for development.

6. Yes, without doubt.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)


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