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Celibacy/Abstinence/How to get rid of lust?


Thanks for giving your time here. In your profile you've mentioned that "There are psychological ways to condition both the mind and body to suppress the desires". I'm interested in knowing about these methods. Please teach me.

"Lust" is a nebulous term; are you talking about the desire to be close to a particular person? Or an irrational compulsion to have sex? I have no specific methods to curtail "lust," as it were, but there are ways to avoid it, the most important of which is to put true, profound meaning in your life. This not only helps you (and the ones around you), but it serves as a "distraction."

When you dedicate yourself to something greater than yourself (like within your church, religion, volunteering or donating time to charities), you tend to forget about life's little problems. Helping people is the greatest diversion from "lust" and other nuisances, and you'd be surprised how fast time flies!

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I can answer any questions about mental and emotional issues with regards to abstinence. We all know that there are times in our lives when we will not be able to engage in sex. There are psychological ways to condition both the mind and body to suppress the desires (without permanent harm), which can lead to a lifetime of fulfillment in other areas of life. Sex addiction is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where the brain is "addicted" to the act of sex. After the act, the addict is often not satisfied and craves more. Sometimes, doing the act itself can exacerbate the desire to do it, which can send a person into a viscous cycle of craving and dependency. Breaking the cycle is the key to getting the addict off of the "desire" and on the road to recovery.


I am one of only a handful of male virgins left in the United States.

The Real 40 Year-Old Virgin of Orange County (Xlibris 2010)

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Many of the people who ask for my advice wish to remain anonymous. They are teenagers and young adults who for whatever reason can't discuss abstinence issues with family and friends. I have had a few clients from India, where modern technologies are allowing more people to engage in these issues.

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