You mention the downside of abstinence.  What is that?  Why is abstinence a bad thing?  All the stuff I've ever heard in sex ed is that you're supposed to wait until you're married.

Abstinence is not a bad thing.  Abstinence is usually good.  It keeps people from unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases.  However, abstinence can be a bad thing, especially for a man, when he's an adult and sex partners are available.  Men who wait past the age of 21 before having sex for the first time have a higher rate of sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction and retarded ejaculation.

Waiting until you're married is only good if you have a path to getting married.


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Doug Adams, Ph.D.


When it comes to celibacy/abstinence, I am more likely to point out the downside of being sexually abstinent. I don't advocate abstinence as a long-term sexual lifestyle. Abstinence is a good thing when the alternative is being sexual in an indiscreet manner, but it is a bad thing when a healthy sexual lifestyle of being monogamous with a partner is available. I frequently answer questions in the masturbation and male masturbation categories on AllExperts.com. I take all questions pertaining to sexuality.


I am a category expert in the sexuality area on AllExperts.com and have written the web site HealthyStrokes.com for over thirteen years.

I have a Ph.D. in a field unrelated to sexuality from one of the leading educational institutions of the world.

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