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Celibacy/Abstinence/Langot - How to wear it


I am 22 years old. Have started practicing Brahmacharya after coming to know of its advantages. Though till now must have masturbated around 300 times due to ignorance.
You spoke about the benefits of wearing a langot in your previous posts. There are certain problems m facing while wearing it. Even other beginners like me might be facing similar problems. So would be really grateful if u can reply elaborately. These are -

1. The video u posted shows langot being worn over underwear and vest. Is it necessary ? couldn't it be worn directly ? Which is a better way ? The only problem wearing it directly is that my genitals get constantly rubbed against the cloth and even hands, so sometimes i get an erection. While wearing it over an underwear never causes this problem ? What to do ?
2. U mentioned that genitals should be held upwards while tieing it. What about penis. Should penis also be held upwards or just kept between the 2 testis. I have tried both ways while holding penis upwards, I constantly feel it, while this doesn't happen when penis is held between testis and langot worn.
3. Should langot be worn during bathing. If yes, then how do we clean our private areas ?
4. While sleeping u mentioned it should be removed to supply free flow of blood to penis. So does it mean no undergarment be worn while sleeping ? or langot be only loosened or a tight brief be worn instead ?
5. Is it true that if langot is worn properly, whatever the stimulus be, there can never be an erection. So even seeing a nude girl or porn if one wears a longot properly he'd we saved from an erection ? only to inquire if langot is worn properly.
6. is there any negative impact of wearing langot improperly ?
7. While doing some asanas wearing langot - the asanas where u lie on stomach and pull legs over hips one by one, i feel rubbing of my genitals, and it excites my genitals though erection doesn't result. But if i keep doing it sometimes half erection occurs.
8. while driving a 2-wheeler or even generally while sitting, if i m wearing a langot, i fell more comfortable to spread legs/ keep them at a distance from each other rather than keeping them joined or closer. Is this natural or i wear langot improperly ?
9. While sitting legs folded, the tightness of langot over genitals is reduced little bit. Is this natural or something wrong with my wearing ?

Thank You very much. I hope the answers to these questions would be helpful to beginners of langot wearers.

1. The video is only for demonstration purposes. The Langot is NOT worn on any brief or underwear. It is to be worn directly on skin. It generally takes a month or so to get used to the Kaupin as it is firm and gripping unlike the normal brief. With time, one enjoys the priceless benefits which are impossible in the normal brief.

2. The penis rests in its normal position, hanging down.

3. No. It is to be removed while bathing.

4. No undergarment should be worn while sleeping.

5. The Kaupin reduces the possibility of a physical erection. The cause of an erection is however mental thought and unless thoughts are pure, one cannot practice Brahmacharya. Hence the Kaupin alone cannot prevent an erection.

6. Doing anything improperly might give a negative impact, wearing the Kaupin included. This is why the video has been included.

7. This shows that the Kaupin has not been worn properly. A properly worn Kaupin never rubs against the genitals. It integrates the genitals within, cupping them tight, offering no movement and thereby no excitement.

8. It is most natural to experience greater flexibility by wearing the Kaupin.

9. The main cloth & the waist band of the Kaupin are to be pulled tighter while wearing. This will prevent the loose condition.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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