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Celibacy/Abstinence/Tantric path & male form.


Namaskar Dear Dhananjay,

1)Tantric sex or 'non ejaculatory sex' (people commonly equate the two) is believed to be by some folks to be enough to achieve atma sakshatkara.They say that vajroli kriya can then be used to transmutate the semen remaining to ojas.I doubt seriously whether we can cheat one's way to godhead.Anyways I have the below doubts re.  this.

a)Is Vajroli an automatic kriya happenning on account of prolonged abstinence or a physical one to be performed like others?

b)Is Vama marga a genuine marga or a theory constructed to justify base intents?

2)A man's body produces semen i.e is reproductively capable lifelong ,whereas not so is the case with females once she enters menopause.So one can understand the old age among men who aren't continent or in brahmacharya via loss of prana,but what causes the sudden debility in females after menopause when their prana is no longer being wasted in periodic emissions as before.

3)Shankara says in viveka chudamani,verse 2:
For all beings a human birth is difficult to obtain, more so is a male body;

What is that significance of a male body greater than that of a female.Why has god given the male body voluntary control over his sexual fluid(even though males are more hormonally susceptible to lust because of much higher levels of testosterone) & not the female.

'With greater power comes greater responsibility' so goes the adage.

The greater drive in males seems like a curse because it blinds men in passion & makes them slaves of lust.

Women don't seem to have such animal lust .

On behalf of all male sadhaks striving earnestly pls enumerate what is the advantage & responsiblity(to be careful of) in being born with a high sexual drive in a male body.

1. Non-ejaculatory sex is not Tantric sex. It is the same as regular sexual intercourse, but without ejaculation. It can be used during the initial stages of Brahmacharya, in marriage, to overcome the slavery for ejaculation, so as to completely give up the sexual act in the course of time.

2. What is Vajroli? Real Vajroli is the automatic sublimation of the sexual essence into the higher regions to form Ojas, further to a life of honest Yoga & Brahmacharya, with surrender to God. Drawing up some fluid or expelled semen back into the body is not Vajroli. Such a practice is of no use. Expelled semen, if so drawn up, will only reach the bladder and will again be thrown out during urination. The wise do not resort to such foolishness.

3. There is no sexuality in the Atman. Sexuality is an illusion concerning the Ego. Where then is 'Atmasakshatkara' (self-realization) to the one desiring the illusion?

4. 'Vama Marga' is an approach which calls for a very high degree of discipline, under the guidance of a Guru who has himself realized the self through the same method. It is not for all. It is as genuine and valid as the Right hand path.

5. The amount of 'Bindu' (which comes down to form semen in the male or the ovum in the female) is lesser in case of a woman as compared to a man. The expenditure is also lesser in case of a woman, being limited to one egg per month. The remaining part of the stockpile is retained after menopause in the higher regions to facilitate sustenance, just as it was retained before puberty. The volume available after menopause is however very much smaller. This is the reason for rapid debilitation.

6. The female is the representation of 'Prakriti' (energy which is responsible for manifestation), while the male represents the 'Purusa' (pure consciousness or the Lord, unaffected by Maya). Prakriti or Sakti is thus the offshoot of the Purusa, having no independent existence of its own, just as the Moon has no existence without the light of the Sun. Therefore, women are governed by Maya to a larger extent as compared to men. For the same reason, women easily develop Bhakti (devotion) but find it very difficult to develop Vairagya (dispassion), their intensity for passion being multiform.

Birth in the male body, therefore, offers a better possibility to realize the self, 'Purusatva' representing pure consciousness, with detachment being its primal nature. Hence a man who wastes himself running after the unreal misses the greatest opportunity.

7. While the sexual drive in the male appears superficially higher, it is also easier for the male to turn it inwards through aligning himself to the self through 'Viveka' (wisdom) and 'Vichara' (inquiry), for the basic nature of the male is governed by pure consciousness to a larger extent.

8. Women have a stronger and higher degree of sexuality than men, their nature being governed by Maya to a larger extent. However, their power of restraint is also stronger and well contained.

To whom does sexuality concern? Find out that entity and negate it. Then pure consciousness alone remains and one realizes there was no basis in the illusion called the male and female.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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