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Celibacy/Abstinence/Current vs Previous births


QUESTION: Dear Dhananjay,

There is a strong link between the sexual tendencies that manifest in an individual with his/her previous births.

1) What about the people we are associated in this birth? Our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, enemies, strangers who helps/troubles and so forth, were they somehow connected to us from previous births but we are not aware of it?

2) Is it the case that we meet someone in our life to fulfill a specific aspect, no matter whether it is positive or negative to our life?


ANSWER: 1. Yes. Most present relationships are the result of past karmic connections, with those Jiva-s.

2. All events (including contact) are designed to help the Jiva realize an aspect & evolve, in way or the other. The world runs on karma and he who negates all past karma and does not form new is not born again.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I needed clarification with few more points.

1) Are we affected by the karmas of immediate previous birth only, or are we trying to negate the karmas of many number of previous births?

2) Consequently, the Jivas we are associated in this birth are karmic connections cumulated from many previous births?

3) Do you think it is meaningless to worry about someone who was very dear to us leaves us forever (death is one example, even otherwise people leave for misunderstanding, etc), and they came and left us for a reason predestined?

Please let us know your thoughts about this.

1. One works out the net cumulative of past karma, which can involve karma from previous existences also.

2. They may or may not be.

3. Yes. One should accept that which occurs as the will of the Lord and focus on realizing the self alone. Chewing on past events or relationships is fanciful waste of time and resources, which does not do any good.

The wise focus their energies to liberate themselves from this unreal dream, not wasting their resources on anything else.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)


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