Jakob wrote at 2015-01-09 12:09:03
Ian, I really want to ask you a question but the allexperts site is not allowing me. Please let me know where/how I can ask you a question. I am an aspiring celibate who really wants your guidance to break a string of losses thus far.


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Ian Abram Clark


I can answer questions to all those who are curious about the celibacy challenge, to those who doubt that celibacy is possible, and to those need tips concerning the pitfalls of an abstinent life.


I've been interested in sexual restraint for several years now, and as of mid-March of 2006, became a strict celibate.

I am a brother in the Brotherhood of the Sacred Word.

I am a webmaster and frequent contributor for the inspirational "celibacy.info" and currently working on co-authoring "The Bliss of the Celibate" with Julian Lee (a celibacy guru of some fame). I have a book written in Chinese and published in China, called or "I'm Not a Foreigner" which explores questions of parenting and growing pains.

I'm a confirmed Buddhist under the master Chuanzhen Fashi in Nanjing, China. I've visited and studied under the great Karunamayi in Penusila, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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