Hey i am intrigued by your story and i am aspiring further to become a brahmachari in time i recently did a 90 day streak but experienced some difficulties and decided to turn back until some other external factors in life were more stable... im curious about your story and phases you went through to achieving your goal and curious how you are doing now with everything!?

Hello AJ!

Great to get your question. I hope my response doesn't find you too late - I'm in the process of moving. I see you're a fellow Ohioan :)

In general it's best not to tell detailed stories of past sins, otherwise we aren't truly revoking the sins in our minds, but reliving them instead. So, I'll give you a somewhat abstract answer and hope that will suffice.

My first celibacy streak was many years back - I can't remember exactly when. I'm guessing it was in 2002, for two weeks. I remember my reason for it was I felt that smut/poisonography really cheapens and degrades human life. I think I succeeded, and the experience was a strong incentive for me later on.

In 2005 I tried a month stint, then a three-month stint. In March, 2006, I got on my current streak which has been for almost nine years now. I can say that the experience cured me of many bodily ills, including arthritis, psoraisis and IBS. My motivation was moksha (freedom), and I wasn't actually trying to cure anything or get at anything else. I was merely extremely annoyed at how women were trying to control me.

I remember that to keep the latest record going I *had* to study religion, adopt relgious practices, eat strictly vegetarian food, sleep on hard surfaces/floors....each of these things came in stages.

My current goal is to start a brotherhood household for celibates in Europe which should be generally self-sufficient, and leave us with enough time to meditate three hours a day.

Hope this helps!

Ian Clark
Brotherhood of the Sacred Word


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Ian Abram Clark


I can answer questions to all those who are curious about the celibacy challenge, to those who doubt that celibacy is possible, and to those need tips concerning the pitfalls of an abstinent life.


I've been interested in sexual restraint for several years now, and as of mid-March of 2006, became a strict celibate.

I am a brother in the Brotherhood of the Sacred Word.

I am a webmaster and frequent contributor for the inspirational "celibacy.info" and currently working on co-authoring "The Bliss of the Celibate" with Julian Lee (a celibacy guru of some fame). I have a book written in Chinese and published in China, called or "I'm Not a Foreigner" which explores questions of parenting and growing pains.

I'm a confirmed Buddhist under the master Chuanzhen Fashi in Nanjing, China. I've visited and studied under the great Karunamayi in Penusila, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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