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Hi,In different religions if we put dogma and cultural habits away can we say that they all want to reach the same goal or the absolute origin?

In the Christian, Clement of Alexandria (c. 150-215): "[T]he Word of God became man, that thou mayest learn how man may become God. For if one knows himself, he will know God; and knowing God, he will be made like God" In Islam, Al-Hallaj  (c. 858 Ė March 26, 922) said "I am The Truth", "There is nothing wrapped in my turban but God".
Those  two individuals said that the human being can become God or how can those citations be explained?

1. Yes. All religions lead to the one truth, called as God, who is only one. One's self is no different from God, as a drop of sea water is part of the ocean.

2. Who has to become God? Your true self is always God, being an integral part of the Supreme. There is nothing new to be achieved. All that is required is to overcome the wrong assumption of what you are not.  You forget who you are and identify with the non-self comprising of the body, Ego and the world as yourself, following which suffering starts. When this delusion is overcome forever, you realize yourself. To achieve this, different paths prescribe different methods. However, all paths lead to the Lord alone.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)


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The term 'Yoga' is a derivative of the Samskruth verb 'Yuj' which refers to union. 'Yoga', also called 'Brahma vidy‚' is the eternal dissolution of the individual 'Aham' (Ego) into the Atman (self) for 'Mukti' (liberation). Mere indulgence in '¬sana' or physical postures is not Yoga. ¬sana is only one limb or 'Anga' of Yoga. The eight limbs viz. Yama, Niyama, ¬sana, Pr‚n‚y‚ma, Praty‚h‚ra, Dh‚rana, Dhy‚na and Sam‚dhi are the means to Yoga. Brahmacharya or spiritually based continence is one of the important components of 'Yama'. 'Brahmacharya':- "Brahmani charyathey ithi" - "To surrender one's Ego and go with the will of the Almighty."


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