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Celibacy/Abstinence/Loss of seminal fluid while defecating


Hari om sir,

I am practicing brahmacharya, I am 35, unmarried. I have sometimes loss of seminal fluid while defecating. I don't get any bad dreams but sometimes my penis gets errected early in the morning, which I found its normal for circulation of blood by reading your posts. But I feel it disturbed, it comes down when I do Japa in my sleep. Sometimes I have to wake up disturbing my sleep and do Japa then it's normal. This generally happens in around 3am. I tried wearing kaupin in day and with no under garments while sleeping, at that time I found more errection than normal when I do n to wear under garments.

My eye nerves turn red very soon when I sit for long in front of TV, computer , or read books for long. Is it because of loss of semen.

I am only able to balance in my sadhana by yoga, meditation, proper diet. But not able to move further.

Can you please advice me regarding
1. Loss of seminal fluid. Is it a medical problem, or any subconscious thoughts.
2. Errected penis. How to overcome.
3. Red eyes.

1. Do the required Sadhana without a break and with full devotion and surrender to God. It appears as though there is no progress at certain times; however, there is always progress, slow and gradual, unnoticed by the practitioner. It takes time and patience for Sadhana to bear fruit. One should persevere, despite obstacles. Success eventually comes after such perseverance.

Ignore everything and do the Sadhana as suggested in past answers, following all the 8-Anga-s of Yoga meticulously. The issue will eventually go away.

2. It is normal for the penis to experience erection in sleep or on waking up in the mornings. This is a sign of the body having rested and being in good health. It is one's own ignorance, which associates sexual thoughts with a non-sexual erection, caused by a surge of blood flow, thereby inducing sexual thoughts. Let go of focusing on the regenerative organ and busy yourself with Sadhana in the 'Brahmimuhurtham'. With progress, the misconception will go away.

3. Redness in the eyes is generally the result of over-straining the eyes under poor lighting or very bright lighting conditions. Altering the degree of light can reduce the problem. Avoid long hours in front of the TV. Excessive TV viewing is neither good for the mind and body, nor good for Brahmacharya. Rest the eyes by taking a break in between or washing them with cold water.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)


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