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Celibacy/Abstinence/Existence of God and Idol worship


Dear sir

The supreme being, the almighty, the god exists in every living being?
Sri Ramakrisna told swami vivekananda that god exists in every human being.

But Sir besides these, do god exist?
All my life I have been a atheist, now reading about spirituality I find the use of the word god, the almighty,the divine mother who has no image, exists.
So I want to ask that behind the existence of the almighty in every living being, is there a separate existence of the supreme being sitting somewhere far away and watching all of us?

One more question, should we worship idol?
If yes than why,why to pour milk to a stone regarded as shiv ling rather than giving it to a poor.What are your views sir?

1. There is not such a place anywhere where the Almighty does not exist. All which is seen and perceived is within the Almighty and not the reverse; so where can one search for the Almighty? The very thought has no substance. The question of oneself and a separate Almighty concerns the Ego which itself is an unreal illusion, just as a bubble on the surface of water has no existence without the water on which it rests and has come from.

The Lord exists within and without all beings. He is here, there & everywhere. When the power of the Lord manifests as life force through what is called as a physical body, it is termed 'Life'. When the same is not manifest in those terms, it is termed 'Death'. In reality, there is neither life nor death, but THAT alone, which pervades everything and within which everything is contained. There is neither far, nor near, none to watch and nothing to watch in the truth. The truth is all enveloping and not-enveloping [for what is there to envelop but itself?]

2. Even when one worships an Idol, he worships the Supreme alone. One might worship the Supreme in any way he likes, for the concept of worship is a personal one. It concerns the worshiper and the one who is being worshiped. So the question of right or wrong is invalid. As long as devotion to the Lord is honest and genuine, one might worship the Lord through form or formless, as the Yogi does in meditation.

Those who see the Lord through the 'Siva Lingam' can offer milk to the lingam. Those who see the Lord through the needy, can offer what is deserving to the needy. All these things concern the doer and not the observer. It is not in anyone's business to comment on this or that, for the issue of worship concerns the worshiper and not the observer. The observer should do that which he finds appealing and not poke into what someone else does, for there is no right or wrong here in terms of truth.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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