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Dear Dhananjay,

By God's grace and through guidance of all pure hearted ones including you, brahmacharya has been going pretty well for the last 8 months.

I am facing problems in a different area, namely anger. There was a period during 4-6 months of brahmacharya, where I did not get irritated at all, and even my family members commented positively on it. But lately, I am getting irritated quite easily and it also leads to some verbal outbursts. Things die down pretty quickly and it doesn't affect my internal peace, but I am a little worried about this behavior. It's usually worse when I have physical pains, that's when i get irritated easily as my awareness is lower when body's in pain. The time I devote to spiritual practice has reduced from several hours a day to just few hours a day, and that may be partly responsible.

When anger arises, the ego convinces me that my position is right, and the other person is behaving incorrectly, and so it says my action is justified. Later I feel deceived by the ego after afting out on those thoughts.

Can you please Please give me some tips on how to effectively diffuse those kinds of thoughts without causing any outbursts or internal hurt?

thank you so much,
God bless you

1. The phase of a few months of calmness gets replaced by phases of emotional outbursts when the next layer of past Samskara-s surface. It is important not to let such tendencies become active, if Brahmacharya is to be maintained correctly. Else, it will eventually become an impediment to Sadhana and cause a break.

2. Through 'Vichara' (inquiry) as to whom anger concerns (Ego) and reminding oneself of the falsity of the Ego, which itself is Maya, one should quickly displace anger and replace it with the peace of the Atman (self). When such efforts are applied with strong Sadhana in the background, 'Viveka' (wisdom) gradually dawns after many years of unbroken Sadhana, following which such incidents slowly taper away.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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The term 'Yoga' is a derivative of the Samskruth verb 'Yuj' which refers to union. 'Yoga', also called 'Brahma vidy‚' is the eternal dissolution of the individual 'Aham' (Ego) into the Atman (self) for 'Mukti' (liberation). Mere indulgence in '¬sana' or physical postures is not Yoga. ¬sana is only one limb or 'Anga' of Yoga. The eight limbs viz. Yama, Niyama, ¬sana, Pr‚n‚y‚ma, Praty‚h‚ra, Dh‚rana, Dhy‚na and Sam‚dhi are the means to Yoga. Brahmacharya or spiritually based continence is one of the important components of 'Yama'. 'Brahmacharya':- "Brahmani charyathey ithi" - "To surrender one's Ego and go with the will of the Almighty."


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