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Celibacy/Abstinence/I am affraid that I can not function properly without almost complete abstinence.


Dear sir Adams,

I am a 22 year old male, 1 year ago I made the discovery of Nofap(movement of male's, mainly against pornography-use), it said pornography use leads to social anxiety, brainfog, addiction etc.

I tried to stop pornography and at the same time I also didnt masturbate anymore. It was litterally amazing how much more intelligent I became. I do think pornography causes brainfog, but abstinencece is the thing that makes my mind so clear. I am mentally so much more sharper.

When I masturbate regurarly(1 or 2 times per week)I have difficulty functioning at my job, and in social situations. I can not think deeply enough to make decisions that you would normally see in the average mature human being. So I am now at a point where I try to avoid masturbation to function more properly.

Do you have any advice or anything else regarding my problems with mental clearity(I would describe my brainfog like a wall to my ability to reach a deeper point in my thinking/being able to generalise further.) in the days following masturbation/sex? Is this a problem that can be helped?

I thank you in advance.

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  Most males your age masturbate about once a day.  You ought to be able to do it without using porn.  It is OK to give up porn, but it is a bad idea to give up masturbating, or to even try.  Masturbating once or twice a week, or even once or twice a day, will not interfere with your job.  See a professional if you really think it does.

See here to learn more about the health benefits of frequent masturbation:


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