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Please advise me on the issue of dietary challenges.

I have a highly sensitive stomach, incapable of digesting milk products and oil/fat. Eating these substances leads to sticky, greasy stool, constipation, lack of peace, and total hampering of sadhana.

As such, being a vegetarian who cannot eat milk, eggs, or butter, kindly advise how I should eat to make up for this.

In addition, one quick query: I would like to combat my digestive issues and build the jataragni so it can digest anything. Will brahmacharya eventually allow me to do this, or is it acceptable to try remedies such as digestive enzymes, alkaline water (to replace nutrients lost from years of foolish self abuse and ejaculation), etc?

Please do tell me, the pain and disturbance to peace of mind are monumental when the intestinal and digestive system is thrown out of order.

ANSWER: 1. For now, take food which the system accepts and is comfortable with.

2. Unbroken Brahmacharya with meditation will eventually restore 'Jatharagni' (digestive fire) without doubt. Remedies if resorted to should be natural and not artificial.

3. If the Sadhana is genuine with surrender to the Almighty, the path to be taken will gradually come in place by itself.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir. I will metaphorically "wait under the tree" in full faith in what you have said. My only worry is that this is a more urgent medical abnormality which will progress direly if not treated right away; can you please assure me that this is not some terrible malady/tumor/etc. and simply an issue which can be rectified by sadhana?

I have now met a number of brahmacharis with this digestion/IBS problem. Why are we targeted like this? Normal people have sexual relations and waste vital fluid constantly, yet they are hale and healthy in digestion. I on the other hand have for months been chaste yet I cannot eat a simple rice stew and eliminate clean, easy to pass stool. What wrong have I done, Dhananjay? What wrong have I done?

ANSWER: 1. The Asana-s suggested earlier, if performed on a daily basis with Bandha, Nadi Shodhana, Pranayama & unbroken Brahmacharya will restore 'Jatharagni' in the course of time.

2. One's present existence is the result of past karma, which is impartial. One reaps the seeds he has sown. Hence one should perform right actions and devote his life to attainment of the Atman (self), which alone frees one from the malady called the body.

Those who waste the vital fluid accrue that karma and bear the consequences eventually. The Jiva which is drawn to Brahmacharya has reached the threshold, where payback has started. Hence it cannot be compared to others whose pots are still being filled and whose time comes later.

Do the Sadhana right. Things will be sorted out eventually.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I only have one issue with the instruction, which I must ask you:

I am very prone to getting nightfall emissions. For 4 months, I have maintained wake-time celibacy.

Nightfall emissions, however, are caused at the slightest disturbance-if the temperature is a bit hotter than usual, my bowels are full before going to sleep, etc.

A month ago I thought my situation was really, really improving. On the 3rd month's completion of brahmacharya, I had a nightfall. Since then the dry, sticky stool and constipation problem has resumed. Yesterday, I had a similar problem.

The issue is cyclical: My loaded bowels, which cannot be emptied, result in nightfall. The nightfall weakens the body, pollutes the astral sphere, and causes even worse bowels, which continues the cycle.

It is tempting to entertain thoughts of ending this life. There seems to be no "solution". I am faithful in keeping my mind chaste yet this wretched problem is ruining progress.

Imagine your lower abdomen and buttocks feeling bloated all day long, with brain fog, confusion, and depression, and your gut doesn't respond well to almost any food. How can one carry out sadhana?  

Above all, I am in a cold climate which worsens the situation, I am weak, my financial state is broke, and I have no where to turn to.

I will follow your words but sometimes death seems to be more merciful.

Wear a wet langot before retiring to bed. It will reduce the frequency of nightfall. Complete stoppage however will be accomplished only through constant unbroken Sadhana, for the issue is karmic.

ॐ तत् सत्
(That Supreme being is the absolute truth)  


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