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Hi Sir
i dont have a question for you as much as its an observation
ive noticed that the mobile market reached a 'plateau' lately where every other new phone released is already out there specs and os wise
nexus - s3 - lg optimus - htc xl - etccc
they all look and feel the same ( i know my focus is on android.. ios doesnt really have any variety eh? im no fan of exclusiveness either)
8 megapixel cam/1.2 ghz/1-2 gb ram/8-16 giga ram/4.5-5 inches
thats pretty much every phone in the past year and a half and the near future too... did we reach our potential? is there room for growth? will we break this cycle? perhaps water proof or ductile phones? mega battery life?
your opinion is highly appreciated
Thanks in advance!

I think what you are seeing today is everyone catching up a bit. For example, there were a few carriers who still had 1-3 megapixel who caught up to what appears to be the minimum standard now, which is 8. There are phones with 16 megapixel cameras, but I'm not sure that will be the next standard. I highly doubt that we have reached out potential with that and the new LTE networks will support much higher resolution and people will start to demand this so I'm sure we aren't there yet. With more and more mobile devices being used for video,video over iP etc. and cameras, I'm sure that in the next couple of years, we will see more megapixels for the cameras.

Regarding RAM and size, we are already seeing larger sizes, for example, the tablet industry that is booming. With tablets and mini tablets ranging from 5 inches to 11 inches, we don't really need phones that large. With voice over iP availble on these tablets, people who want to communicate visually can use a tablet versus a phone. I doubt that the public would want to carry around a 6 or 7 inch phone in their pocket, so I doubt you will see much larger in that department. Regarding RAM, I'm sure that will charge, but would require the battery to handle it that can fit compactly into the phone's device size and not emit but so much heat etc. Some of these limitations are just going to relate to size and design, if you want my opinion. Thanks.  

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