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hi i have been sat here for 4 solid days trying to figure this phone out and i still cannot connect to anything could you help me pls

I'd love to be able to tell you that it's easy, but unfortunately, I can't say that. I am not a fan of this device and think it's really not worthwhile. Unfortunately, your question is very general and even if I knew this phone well, I probably wouldn't be able to assist you via anything except in person (which obviously, I can't do). You have to know things like who your carrier is, who had the device before and who was their carrier, did you put in the settings for your carrier, do you have a SIM card and is it in the right slot, does your plan have both a voice and data plan, does the device work on the correct frequencies for your carrier, etc. If there is any possible way to return this phone, I would strongly recommend it. I can asssure you that it isn't worth the money you paid for it. Sorry that I didn't have better news for you.

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