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I've recently gotten a HTC One X from my mom, I've already factory reset-ed the phone but it keeps saying that I've used 24/25 GB of  space eventhough there is virtually nothing inside it.I've  downloaded an app that manages files and it said that only my music has taken up the most space which is only 1GB. When used as a hard disk on the computer, it's properties have shown that again I only have less than a gig left. It's truly frustrating as I am not able to load anything into the phone. Please help and reply ASAP!


The device itself uses a certain amount of storage that you can't control, i.e., for the default programs, network things, etc. That 24/25 GB or so is just part of it. I wouldn't worry too much about this with the device you have because you have a removable SD card that allows you to store much more on the device and most things can be saved to the SD card versus the hard drive of the device. All of your music should be on the SD card, not the device's memory as well as pictures and anything else that can be saved there. I do see from your picture that it appears that the vast majority of the device space is being used. Other things that take up space are emails and texts and in the view that you showed me, those aren't being displayed. Do you have these saved on the device? Factory resetting resets the applications but doesn't reset what is on the device. You would have to fully wipe the device in order to get everything off of it.

Before you spend too much time with the device, I might also suggest that you take it into one of your carrier's stores and ask them if they have seen this situation before and what they would recommend. It may actually not be an accurate measure and perhaps there is an update to the software that fixes this. Sorry that I didn't have a more concrete answer for you, but I hope this is helpful.  

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