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I have a cell phone. It is a Samsung Chrono 2. I've had it about a couple weeks and its the first one I have EVER had. I think I like the security of having one, in case of a breakdown on the highway or somethng.

Right now I am having problems with texting and I can't find the answers anywhere. The booklet asuumes you know what you are doing. And I don't.

So my problem is when texting, how do you change between screens? With my computer I can just hit the "Back" arrow but the cellphone doesn't have that.
Another problem is when I am typing in a message, if I have 2 letters the same: such as bunny.. When I type an 'N' its fine but if I type the second "N" it get a bunch of letters I don't want.
Do you know how to manage these things?


After you type the first "n", wait just a second and then type the next "n". If you type the same letter twice too fast, it thinks that you are still trying to change the first letter you typed. Back would be the delete key basically on a cell phone on most phones, you can't really go back unless it has a back arrow. I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.  

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