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Ultimately I need to be able to get all of the contacts off of my Samsung Wave GT-S8500.  The contacts were saved to the mobile rather than my sim.  I bought a new battery for the mobile but it has now run out of charge and I can't get the phone to charge it.  It isn't the charger at fault as I've tried lots of chargers!  They say that they are charging but they aren't.  I assume that the problem is the charging connection on the top of the phone where I insert the charger.  Is there a way of charging the battery externally?  I don't want to spend lots of money because I am getting a brand new phone but I would like to get enough charge into the phone in order to be able to switch it on to transfer the contacts to the sim.

If the contact wires on your phone are damaged, the only way to get your phone charged is to get tap battery for it that is already charged, or charge the battery In another phone or take the battery to your carrier and see if they can charge it for you. Once the battery is charged, out it in your phone and copy the contacts to your SIM card so you have them available for your new phone. The main thing is to get the contacts to your SIM. I hope this helps.  

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