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QUESTION: My kid added a password to her cell phone, then either forgot, or entered it too many times, after 2 half hour long calls to the provider they told me to contact the manufacturer, I did, and they said I had to mail to them... there has to be some "super secret" combo of buttons or button that I can press... I can't get to the main menu because of the lock...

ANSWER: Unfortunately, there isn't a super secret combo of buttons that will unlock a phone and then allow you to keep everything on it (at least not something that you can do), however, your carrier should have been able to help you unlock the phone, as they do have a way to unlock them. Only if you didn't buy the device from them, would they not be able to break the password. Typically, if you mistype the password a number of times (usually 10), the device will allow you into it but will also erase whatever is on it. I'm not sure if they suggested this, but that's what I would suggest to see if you can at least get into it and wipe it. For some reason, it sounds like your carrier thought you were asking to SIM unlock the device, not unlock the main screen. That's the only reason you would contact the manufacturer. Who is your carrier and did you get the phone from them directly? Thanks so much.

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QUESTION: My carrier is AT&T, yes, I bought the phone thru them, and I've been in contact with them twice, and I was VERY clear that I needed the main screen unlocked, I was told after that to call the manufacturer, and they are the ones who said I needed to mail to them to unlock the main screen... it's a bummer, and I wasn't too please with their customer service, common, it's just the main screen!  I'm not even able to turn the phone off with the on/off button, I have to remove the battery.

I'm not sure why you were told this by the rep but it is not accurate. If you have a store nearby you I would recommend going in to see them and ask to speak to a manager if you have a problem.  They can definitely help you and you absolutely do not have to contact the manufacturer. Your contract is through your carrier and they handle issues for you. If you bought through a reseller that might be the issue. Go to an AT&T store that only sells AT&T .  I hope this helps.  

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