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Do you think it is a bad idea if I switch from a Straight Talk Unlimited Plan for $45 per month (which I am using on a Samsung SCH-S720C, running Android) to a  T Mobile Plan for only $30 per month? What would I lose?

I don't make many phone calls on my smartphone (I have a landline & an isp), but mainly use it for web browsing, running the 'Nextbus' application, and checking the news while waiting for the bus :). I do not download data to my smartphone.

At,2817,2394039,00.asp It says:
"The plan, which will not require a contract, will offer 5GB of data at 4G speeds, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes of talk, with overage charges of 10 cents per minute."

What does "will offer 5GB of data" mean? Does this mean data to download?

Charges for phone and internet services can add up quickly, so I'm trying to save money wherever I can. I guess I should just try the T Mobile Plan and see how it goes. If I don't like it, I can always switch back to the $45 plan.

Thank you for your help.

If you don't need a lot of voice minutes, like you mentioned, then the T-Mobile $30.00 plan is definitely a good way to go. The 5GB of data means that you can web browse (which actually does download data to your SmartPhone because anything that you do that is not voice or text that accesses the internet (when you are not on WiFi) downloads data to your SmartPhone and uses up the 5GB per month of bandwidth that they are providing to you. That Nexbus application also uses data, for example. But 5GB is a LOT of data and there's no way that you could use up all of this data and have any overage if you aren't doing things like constanting streaming video, for example. With unlimited text and 5GB of data, this is a very good deal for someone like you based on what you are telling me. Just know that you only have 100 minutes available but at 10 cents for overage minutes, that is also very inexpensive. Just realize that you will be limited to the phones that T-Mobile provides under this plan. I hope this helps.  

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