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QUESTION: I was wondering if there is a cheap way to get a protective phone case for a smart phone? Last phone case I got for my current phone cost a bundle, broke, and was discontinued when I went to buy another one. I've seen people 3D print cases. Is there a business that doesn't charge so much for accessories?

ANSWER: The best way to protect your SmartPhone is with a decent case, one that will protect it when you drop it or if it gets wet. Lifeproof makes a great case for iPhones but they are between $59.99 and $99.99. Otterbox makes great super protective cases, but they are also in the hundred dollar range. I wouldn't do a 3D print case. If you don't want the super protective cases, then I would suggest a case from Speck or CaseMate. You can typically get a percentage off of a CaseMate by getting a coupon from one of the coupon groups. For under $30.00, you should be able to get a good case for a SmartPhone. I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Also I wanted to ask. Which wireless companies get the best customer reviews? I use Verizon, but everyone I know says they're evil, and a friend of mine thinks all other carriers but Sprint are dishonest. lol.

Here's what I would say about wireless companies: There are two top carriers, Verizon and AT&T. After that, is Sprint then T-Mobile. Each of the four carriers have goods and bads. Start with network availability, i.e., how good is the signal where you live, work, play, etc. Then look at the choices of devices. After that is price. If you start with price and the network is bad and there are no choices of phones that you like, it doesn't matter how inexpensive the charges are. If Verizon works for you, there's no real reason to switch.  I don't think any of the carriers are dishonest. I am sure that there are salespeople at any company who are dishonest but none of the wireless companies encourage dishonesty amongst their employees. These are very large, corporations who can't afford to to be dishonest with their customers. I hope this helps!

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