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QUESTION: I am considering purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini phone for my wife,  She is currently on T-Mobile, but we are considering going to Straight Talk.  I am currently using Straight Talk with a Galaxy S2, and have been happy with the phone and service.  My only complaint is that the reception on AT& T's network, which straight talk uses in my area, is not very good at our home (1-2 bars).  It seems fine everywhere else.  Do you have any feel for whether the S3 mini phone would have any better than ny full size S2? Also, what is your general opinion of the S3 mini?  Thanks.

ANSWER: The phone you have now works on the 4G network, but the phone you are considering is LTE and based upon where you live, the new phone may have better reception. Any newer phone is more than likely to be better than an older phone because the technology has been getting much better over the past couple of years. I am a big fan of Samsung phones, so I don't think you will go wrong with the new phone. The S3 mini is a very good phone. I hope this helps.

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QUESTION: HI:  I purchased a new unlocked S3 mini for my wife, and it seems to have some issues with the camera.  The auto focus does not seem to work on either the auto-focus or macro settings when zooming.  As you zoom in on the subject the image becomes more blurred and never focuses.  We have checked the settings on the camera, and we believe it is a defective unit.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts on this.  The phone also turns off when left on the charger for a long period.

When a phone is unlocked from a carrier, you can have issues with it due to the way it was unlocked. It's not common, but can occur. More likely, the issue is that the phone has a defective camera or defective firmware for the camera. My advice is to either return the device, if you can, or to take it into a repair shop to get fixed. It definitely shouldn't be doing what it's doing as it relates to the camera and something is definitely wrong and should be repaired or returned. Hope this helps.  

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