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Like the subject says, My Pantech P7040 Link is freezing. It's my second line and a friend is using the phone. It was purchased 1/8/2013 from Amazon. So far this is the second time this has happened. A couple of weeks ago removing the battery caused the phone to work again.
A couple of days ago it started again. My friend knows that she needs to take the battery out to get the phone working again so she did that. Today it is not helping much. It has been freezing anytime she uses it and she immediately removes the battery for 30 seconds then puts it back in. As soon as she sends a text or makes a call the phone locks again.
I suspect that the memory is getting full so the phone is getting confused. She has removed messages and pictures then cycle the battery but it isn't helping.
Any ideas?

Since you just bought the phone, I am hoping that whomever you bought it from gave you a warranty or is willing to take it back since it sounds like the phone has issues.  A new phone should not be freezing up like this and it is true that the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the battery.  If you can't return it, take it to a cell phone repair place in your area and have them look at it.  They should be able to repair it or reset it so that it will work.  However this phone came out in 2010 and it is likely that it may be on its last legs. Was it sold as used or new?

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