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Dear DebiN,

Please help me out.

With all of our technology today, with all of our clever little devices, I can hardly believe that we haven't found a way to trace and shut down prank callers and texters.

What I've found on the subject is not reassuring. In 2 weeks, I've gotten one text from someone trying to pass himself off as someone I know. And the second texter just sent me an obscene message. I'm not texting them. I checked the White Pages, and the only thing I know about them is they are within distance in Queens, NY. For me to find out their names is to call in a specialist because their names do not appear.

I have a MetroPCS phone. I live in New York City. This problem has never happened to me before. I'm a decent person, and I don't play mind games or harass people. Please tell me there's a way to shut down these cowards. Thank you for your time.



I would love to tell you there's a way to shut this done totally but unfortunately your only options are to set your phone to only  accept texts from people in your contact list or to bar those that call you that you don't know after the first time they text my our phone has to have this ability but that's currently your best net. Thanks.  

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