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I have a galaxy note 2 n7100 which I rooted and put on a custom rom(wanam lite). Everything worked fine for about 7 months until one day I picked up my phone and it was dead. I mean totally bricked. Sent it to a second party repair shop for jtag repair. There it was discovered that I needed an eMMC chip. The chip was replaced, shipped back to me and everything was back to normal. Decided to unroot it to prevent any future problems( if that was the problem to begin with ). Sent it to another second party repair shop to have that done (which I should have done myself). Anyway, they unrooted the device but the also updated it with the original country's spec's. The original country was the Philippines, at least that's what I was told. When I went to pick up the device, I was told that they couldn't access the at&t network. And that's the problem. When I try to make a call it says Not Registered On The Network, and on my pulldown it says No Service - Selected Network(at&t) Not Available. Have tried everything with the sim card and the battery, and from every indication I get is that I need to replace my phone. My question is why can't I access the network, and can it be repaired without sending it to the manufacture. One more thing, I had the imei number checked by at&t to make sure it hadn't been blacklisted.

Does the device recognize the SIM card from AT&T? If so, do you have the settings for AT&T set up? I am unfortunately not familiar with rooting a device and really don't know anything about the details of this. I really wish that I could help but I think that I may not be the best person for this. My apologies in advance.

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