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There have been rumors that the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) will not be applicable for Blackberry 10 phones anymore and the standard data packs (offered by the service providers) will be utilized for data communication instead. Just wanted to confirm from you whether this is true or not, since it will help me decide which phone to buy.


The BlackBerry 10's Operating System works the same way as it did previously. The data plan still gives you access to your email through RIM's OS, etc. The only thing different as it relates to email is that the enterprise edition for business isn't necessary anymore. When making a decision on what device to buy, if you like the BlackBerry experience, then go with the BlackBerry 10. As far as apps go, the best experience is going to be with the iPhone. Howeer, the Android OS is also very good. I would recommend chosing a device based on your lifestyle and needs. For example, if a lot of the people you communicate with often are iPhone users, the iPhone is your best bet because of iMessage and Facetime. If that's not something you need, then Android is a good choice. I have always had a fondness for BlackBerrys but my concern for their longtime viability is what keeps me from moving to a BlackBerry again. Just my opinion, of course. I hope this helps.  

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