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Can you help me understand cellular networks?    I know that the major carriers refer to 3G and 4G networks.   I think 4G is better because it is faster, but I don't know why it would be faster..   Do all cell phones work with both networks or do phones exist, say an older iPhone that worked with 3G would that same iPhone work on the 4G network?

Are cellular NETWORKS (3G and 4G) virtual vs. mechanical and exist like wi-fi networks do?

Phones are always backwards compatible but never forward compatible. 4G LTE is the most recent technology and the fastest speeds. Carriers recently upgraded their networks to LTE which is comparable to the speeds you get at home on DSL and Cable Modems (and faster). Cellular networks have evolved over the years and technology changes have allowed for better and more efficient and faster networks. Cellular networks are not virtual. They have fiber at their core. An iPad 2, for example, has the ability to access the 3G network and prior but cannot run on the 4G network or 4G LTE because when it came out, it wasn't designed with the chip to access that type of network. Today, all phones on the market being sold work on 4G LTE and are backwards compatible. Once all prior networks are replaced with LTE, customers with older phones will have to upgrade in order to get service. This is similar to when carriers did away with the old TDMA network. Hope this helps.

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