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I will be spending about a month in the United Kingdom and need a cell phone for local calls.  I get many e-mail offers for international Cell Phones.  Are they legitimate offers?  I currently am with T-Mobile and use a Nokia phone.  T-Mobile recommended that I unlock my phone and insert a new Sim card.  It sounds a complicated procedure.  I do not expect to make many calls while in the UK so the cost of calls is not of primary concern.  What are my best options?  Thank you in advance for your anticipated response.

I agree completely with T-Mobile. They can unlock your phone for you and when you get abroad, simply purchase a prepaid SIM card with a local number. Just give people the number that they provdie to you for them to call you. Or, you can just use the phone to make calls back to the US. Then there is no charge for your friends and family and it will be much less expensive for you to call back to the US with a UK number then it will be for people to call you at your US number while abroad. If you don't want to do that, then just purchase an internationl plan from T-Mobile which will allow you to pay by the minute for any calls you make or receive and you will just have to pay roughly $4.99 extra to do this plus the cost of each minute. I would suggest the unlocking since you are going to be gone so long and then you can use the local SIM to make calls locally in the UK also which is most likely what you will need the phone for the most (that's my opinion of course, it may be different for you). Just take the phone into a T-Mobile store and ask them to SIM unlock it for you. They will and shouldn't charge you to do it. Hope this helps.  

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