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Cellular Phones/Removing Internal Internet 'Block' From AT&T-Branded Samsung A177 Querty Cell Phone


In 2009, I purchased this Samsung A177 phone from, where it was advertised as a "100% Unlocked Cell Phone". However, I have subsequently found out, as a T-Mobile customer, I cannot fully access the level of T-Mobile service(s) I currently subscribe to, due to the fact that there is some kind of "internal" Internet block on this AT&T-branded handset. I can't even send a text message that includes a picture because of this pre-set installed blockage. I feel this is both grossly misleading to sell such handsets as being "unblocked" when, technically speaking, they're not as well as such practice by these large carriers being anti-competitive.
Can I get any kind of assistance, anywhere, that will help me enjoy the full functionality of what I thought I was paying for when I purchased this Samsung phone, besides just throwing it away and buying a Chinese un-branded Android "world phone"?
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

The reason that you can't use your data network properly is because the IP settings for T-Mobile haven't been set on your device. It is unlocked otherwise you couldn't use your T-Mobile SIM card, but as with any SIM unlocked GSM device, you have to program the WAP settings on the device. Take the device into a T-Mobile store and ask them to help you with the settings. They will be more than happy to help you. They have no issue with unlocked devices and know exactly how to program the WAP settings for their network. I hope this helps.

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