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Ok, so my phone won't turn on. I have a TracFone (LG900G) and I've had it for a couple years now (My Dad had owned it previously). I have reason to believe it won't turn on because of water damage. However, I've once dropped it in a toilet accidentally (MONTHS ago) and it was submerged for a few seconds. When I took it out, all I did was dry the surface of it and it has worked normally ever since (Yes, I am completely aware of what you're supposed to do with your phone if something like this happens to it, but let's just say I wasn't exactly caring at the time). THIS time, all I did was toss it, it slipped out of my hands, and hit a cup of Koolaid or something. The puddle I picked it out of wasn't very big at all, and the phone wasn't that wet, so I dried it off thinking nothing about it; especially considering what it's been able to go through before without any harm to it. After that, it was working completely fine for about an hour or so. Until my brother's friend decided to try and wrestle the phone from me (for whatever reason). I held tight, while he was trying to pry it from me for a few minutes. After everything calmed down and I went in the other room, I noticed my phone was off. So I thought that maybe during the whole wrestling thing, it accidentally got turned off by the End Call button being held down. But, I then noticed it wouldn't turn back on. To add to this, I plugged it in the charger, and if you're familiar with these phones you'd know that when you do so, a screen comes up that says LG900G, surrounded in a red ring. So I became relieved, thinking that maybe it just died and I needed to charge it. But right before it could change to the actual charging screen, it shut completely off again. This is all it's doing now. So my question is, could this be from water damage? Or could it be from the wrestling around thing? After all, the screen WAS working in some manner, and I'd expect a water damaged phone not to be able to turn on at all. In addition, whatever the reason for it not being able to turned on, is there any possible way to fix it?
I'm not THAT upset about the phone actually WORKING, I'm more upset about the things on the internal memory being lost. So, if it can't be fixed, would there be any possible way to get the data from the internal memory? That part is the more crucial thing for me; although I WOULD like for it to be working again also.

Thanks for all the detailed information. Without looking at it and being a repair person, I can only guess at this, but I would say that it is either the liquid damage or the wrestling, but either way, it sounds like the phone is definitely damaged. If you can't turn the phone on, you will not be able to access anything on the phone's memory. If your contacts or photos are saved to the SIM card (provided that you have a SIM card in this device, i.e., the carrier behind Tracfone is AT&T or T-Mobile) then you can get that information into a new phone. However, if this is a device who has Verizon behind the scenes and no SIM card, then you have unfortunately lost all the data on the device. My recommendation is to take the phone into a phone repair shop and see if they can fix it, at least to the point where the info can be removed and transferred to a new phone. I might suggest in the future having your contacts backed up to the cloud and having your pictures backed up to an SD card or to your computer. In the event that something like this happens again, you will be protected. I hope this helps. Thanks.  

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