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So something's really worrying me. I got a call around 10 pm from an 11-digit number. I picked up, not knowing it was eleven digit, and on the other line was silence. Then after saying 'Hello?' Like twice, this guinea pig, ruffling noise was happening on the other end. And every time I spoke, it would stop, as if to listen, but didn't reply and just kept making the noise.  Then, I finally just said 'bye', and there was silence, and then they hung up on me (so they could probably understand me). Still not realizing it was a strange looking number, I called back and Verizon told me the number didn't exist after about 3 rings. I looked up why I'd be getting calls from eleven digit numbers, and the internet said it was a scam. But apparently, even scammers have area codes, and the number I was called from started with 838, which wasn't an area code. When trying to trace the number on several sites, they all said the number didn't exist. I even looked at payphone numbers. I saw a post saying that I should call the police if the number didn't exist, because it could be on like another phone book or something (they were implying conspiracy and sounded urgent). I've gotten the call once before, but I'd missed it. I also got a call from a different eleven digit number every now and then, usually missed and probably scammers. But now I'm worried that it's like a burglar or something that knows my location. I just think this is really freaky, and the web isn't helping at all. Any answers?

(P.S. If it helps at all, I have an iPhone 4S carried by Verizon)

I think you need to feel comfortable so if you feel that you need to report this to the police then I suggest you do that. However if you want my opinion I would say that if it were me I wouldn't worry. I highly doubt they know who they are calling and there are making ways to spoof numbers. I might suggest you just block that caller and don't ever answer if they call again. If you want to report it then you definitely should. I just wanted to let you know they there is likely not much the police can do. Hope this helps.  

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