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Hello Deb

 Would you know what they call Cell phones that can do Voice texting?  Not sure if it's called SMS or MMS but there is a name for it. All you do is make a voice recording with your recorder on the Cell Phone then send it to the cell number you entered or if someone sends you a Written text message then you just make your recording then hit reply  I had a Samsung SCH-U640 cell phone  and it would do it but a lot of phones can't.  Maybe you have heard about this or know what is called.  Thank You  Jim Stover

I'm not really sure that I know what you are referring to, but perhaps this may help. Text messaging works on the voice network and it's SMS. MMS is multimedia messaging that works on the data network. You can only use up to 256 characters in an SMS and no pictures, hyperlinks, etc. If you make a voice recording, it would have to be an MMS message and then to send it, you would be sending it either via MMS or email to a cell phone. You can record messages and send them via MMS. Your phone just has to be able to record a message, is all. That would typically entail specific software to do this. I'm assuming your Samsung has that type of feature on it. I'm not really familiar with it, but that does make some sense. Not sure if this helps, but hopefully it may. Thanks.  

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