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Hi, this may not even be in your area, but seeing that All Experts is seriously lacking an expert in this area, I didnt know who to ask, maybe if you dont know the answer you can point me in the right direction.
If I keep getting repeated calls from "Private Number" as shown on the caller ID, can the number be traced even if it never connects? In other words, my phone will ring a few times saying private number, but then they hang up without me answering, or before the answering machine ever gets it. So the call never actually connects.  Can that number be traced at all?
Thanks !

Hi. I believe you have come to the right place for your question, so I am happy to provide you with an answer. When you see "Private Number" on your Caller ID, that means that the person calling you either has their Caller ID blocked permanently by their carrier or they pressed *67 prior to placing the call wihich blocks a single call. You cannot trace a private call nor find out who called you. Its considered a personal right to block your caller ID if you choose. The police and officials can get the caller ID if they need to, but you can I (and the general public) cannot. It won't show up on your bill and you can't call them back. if you were being repeatedly harrassed by a private number, I'm sure that you could file a poiice report and they may be able to tell you who is calling you. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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