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Cellular Phones/Buying a iPhone 5S next week. How to sell my old Galaxy S4 for the most money?


Hello there DebiN,

I am a fan of technology and buying a new smartphone is just awesome. I am currently a Galaxy S4 owner planning to sell the Galaxy s4 to upgrade to the new iPhone 5S. I have owned the Galaxy S4 since May 2014. Its in great condition. All accessories are unused and still remain in their original packaging. I will also include the S4 Cover case. I am looking to get a little more out my Galaxy S4. I want to sell my Galaxy S4 on  Craigslist.

I wanted to ask you how do I word the advert? What can I write and how much shall I listed the Galaxy S4 for?

Please advise.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, I can't advise you on an advertisement to sell your device other than to say that you should look on eBay, Craig's list etc to see what others are selling the same device for to get a feel for what is the typical price. Be also aware of what the carriers are selling a new device for since the 4 is still available. So, if they are selling it for 99 cents, it would be difficult to sell yours for $100.00 as most people would rather buy brand new. There are those that want a device without a contract of course, but you just don't want to sell it for too much otherwise it will be hard for you to sell. Just make sure you state who your carrier is because the device is locked to your carrier. Hope this helps.

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