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If you wouldn't mind giving me some insights into cell phones and their workings. This is a little odd...

I basically have a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you go phone (for the past 7 years or so).  I just use it for emergencies. Not savvy on other cell phones/plans.

I keep getting calls at my house from a cell phone number (this has been going on a while).  I looked up the number on the reverse listings; it's a number to one of the suburbs of Chicago (where I live).  I have an answering machine that I let take calls with numbers I don't recognize or appear to be telemarketing or "UNKNOWN".  The message doesn't identify my husband or I, just states no one is available to take the call and leave a message. Never got a message from this particular number until yesterday evening.

There were a total of 5 calls within 30 minutes a little after dinner time. The last call, I decided to call the number back, to talk to whomever keeps calling. I got a recording that asked if I wanted text or voice.  (I used my landline phone to call). I said voice. Then, a raspy and strange (but young sounding voice) came on and said," --- (one word but unintelligible) and then " dad is home".  

I hear a beep and then (not sure if it would record) said, "Please do not call my house any more, thank you." And hung up. I got another call afterwards that went to the machine and it was barely understandable (loud and clear but not sure what the same voice said.   Didn't get any more calls after that.

This evening, the same number called again; my husband answered and announced (in a stern voice) that he was a detective and who was calling.  He got the same sort of loud and clear but garbled voice saying something.  Did not get a call back this time after my husband hung up.

My question is, would the voice be some sort of "electronic" based voice (at least with the voicemail message)...but then it sounded the same on the answering machine.  Just have not encountered something like this before (the sound of the voice).

The call is from a totally different area code and the suburb is not close to us.  So not sure why we keep getting the calls.

Thank you for any insights. :)

ANSWER: I believe that this is likely not anything electronic or automated and is likely just someone who has nothing nothing better to do than bother people. I'm so sorry this is happening and I would recommend you block the number so you don't get any more calls. If you can't block on your phone because it's not able then contact your carrier to do it. Hope this was helpful.

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Have only 10 call capacity for blocking so have to be choose well. Got another call in last night; hubby intercepted it.  He also left a message on the number's voicemail by dialing the number back.  I tried using to find out the name of the parties, but got a message from Intellus that the number wasn't in their immediate databases and would take up to 3 days to research re what they termed "difficult numbers".

Would it mean anything that the number is so hard for a service like Intellius to find?

Thank you again. :)

It may mean that the number that is displayed is fake and there is something else behind it but regardless of what it is my suggestion is to not try to keep tracking it down and instead either block it or contact the authorities and report it as harassing you. I honestly though wouldn't waste too much time or energy trying to figure it out. There's so any of these ridiculous types of scammers out there today that giving any of your time to trying to figure it out just makes them win the battle. I hope this helps and best of luck to you.  

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