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I was born in Europe moved to the US as a teenager and have lived in three different states, currently I live in California.
I long to receive a "Scaffold Burial" upon my death ideally wrapped in a Buffalo or Bear Hide so that,as I depart,I may have a chance to be blessed by the sun and the stars and the wind and the rain and the morning dew, the sound of birds and tree leafs

As a US Citizen I feel that I should be allowed this as a Legitimate Civil Rights Choice.

If necessary I would consider affiliation.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns and I hope you may assist me or guide me.

With Regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

Lucky for you, you're not the only person in the US who wants this, although you ARE in a minority; however, it's not yet an approved form of disposition for non-native peoples, so don't die yet! We do tend to make progress on these things, however; the first open-air cremation facility was established in Crestone, Colorado a couple of years ago, and there's a Zoroastrian-style tower-of-silence area proposed down in Texas so things do evolve.

George Russell, who runs the Huntsville, Texas area burial ground might be worth contacting, as you say you're willing to 'consider affiliation'. I have no experience with Mr. Russell and am not making a direct recommendation, but his group does advertise being willing to accommodate wishes like yours, and I get the feeling he'd go to bat for your right to do so on his land. has an account written by some visitors back in 2007, and from that site you can identify links to help you contact him.

No matter what, if you're committed to this process your most important step is writing down, in detail, what you want - and then funding it in advance. You could do this with a pay-on-death bank account payable to the Executor of your estate; just make sure that that person is THE person who will be contacted first, at the moment of your death so that you don't get scooped up into a process that's not what you want, because the will (where people think they're supposed to put these things) usually doesn't get read til well after the decisions about what to do with the body have been made.

Because what you want is currently non-traditional, you'd be well-advised to lay all of the groundwork in advance. This will probably mean going ahead and locating - and buying - your buffalo hide (it will make a great conversation piece). You might want to practice building a few scaffolds in the backyard and once you get the parts figured out (with the cooperation of your cemetery operator, like George perhaps), pre-cut them, pack them up, write out the instructions, and store them.

Obviously you're going to have some logistics to figure out, like how to tell others to get your body up onto the platform in the woods, how to set the poles so that they don't fall over right away (and upset everybody), but I suppose this might be where some of the fun is, yes? A video might help, enlisting some friends to get all the roles right. Do get a DNA test and put that with the cemetery's records so that, should a crow drop a bit of you down the road, you don't send the local sheriff's office into a 30,000 dollar forensics investigation tail spin.

There may be a number of complications - legally and otherwise - so having a cooperative cemetery owner with the proper spirit of adventure and defense of your rights is likely mandatory. Reading some of George's interviews online suggest he just might be your guy. Let me know how it works out, ok? You can contact me through the Natural Burial Company (

Download our free natural funeral planner and make your own adjustments. A word of advice: I'd put your ideal scenario down as your Plan A - what you want - but do go ahead and make a Plan B, what you want done in case you're hit by a bus tomorrow ("b" is for bus). You can use our planner for that, just in case the world doesn't catch up to you before you need it to.

hope that helps!

In trees,



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