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Cemetery/Natural burial in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


I am trying to pre-plan for a natural burial for myself. I live in a small town on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and cannot find any funeral home or cemetery anywhere nearby that will do a vaultless burial without embalming. The closest one I have found is in Traverse City, Mich., which is nearly 400 miles away. Do you know of anyone closer to Houghton or Marquette, Mich?

Hi Jennifer ---

It's really hard to believe you can't find a historic cemetery in your area to accommodate this very simple request!!!

I'm willing to help out if you're willing to do a little bit of extra work here, in this question thread.

Mainly, what I need is a list of the cemeteries you've called on the phone, the name of the cemetery, the cemetery's phone number, and what they said when you asked about a vault-free burial. You can post your list below, the All-Experts website will send me an alert, and I'll dialog about this with you online, here, so that other people can also benefit from what you and I discover. I'm betting that, once we get you asking the right questions, you'll be able to find someone within a reasonable distance that will offer what you want.

I believe it MAY be illegal for a funeral director to require embalming in Michigan unless you've died of a reportable contagious disease, especially since it's one of the states where doing your own funeral work is very, very difficult; since you're forced to use a funeral director, and since consumers are usually protected by law from being forced to purchase unnecessary services, chances are the Michigan FDs you've talked to are breaking their professional code of conduct as described in statute and Michigan's administrative rules.

In your shoes, I'd contact the Michigan mortuary board -,4601,7-154-35299_61343_35414_60647_35464---,  by telephone - not email - ASAP and convey your concerns to them. When you speak with them, be sure you have the names of the funeral homes you contacted, the persons you spoke with, and what they said when you asked them about a funeral without embalming.

Have a good long discussion with the Board about your FUNERAL wishes (see what I say below) and THEN try calling your funeral directors. Another strategy with the funeral directors - and this is a shameless plug for my company here - is to ask them if they carry Natural Burial Company products. If they do, you can ask them for their prices and add those to your funeral planning folder. (They are required by law to make prices available to you if they ask) If they don't, you can buy them direct from us (biodegradable coffins and such) and ANY funeral director is required to use a coffin you purchase, and they can't charge you an extra fee for doing so. ( and We sell coffins, shrouds and caskets to folks in advance; they're easy to store - we have kits of wood - and some people use the woven coffins as blanket chests, or simply keep them in a dry household spot til needed.

Remember to keep the funeral process and the cemetery process separate in your mind. Michigan is one of the few states where combination cemetery-funeral homes are banned, so this shouldn't be too difficult, but it will be easiest if you shop for your "natural funeral" - i.e., no embalming - from the funeral director and your vault-free burial from the cemetery.

In other words, DON'T ask the funeral director for a 'natural burial' and don't ask the cemetery person for 'embalming free.' That's like going to the farmer's market to try and buy tires with your carrots, and the auto shop to get your apples when you get your tune-up done. All you're likely to get is really bad information about the thing they don't sell (and sometimes you get bad info about the things they DO sell, as well).

Funeral directors WILL sell "direct burial" or "direct cremation" but this simply means NO FUNERAL SERVICE, and has little to do with the burial or cremation (the disposition) itself. You can order a direct burial (much cheaper) from the funeral director and then order a graveside service from the cemetery.

Check with the cemetery to see what their rules for a graveside service are before you count on this, and whether or not they require a funeral director's presence for the burial, or if the sexton can manage it. There will be charges from the cemetery for the graveside - some cemeteries include it with the opening and closing fees, however, so you'll need to ask.

I hope that gets you started. I look forward to helping you find a cemetery in the UP to work with. Once you do, we can get them on the Natural End Map - - so that others can find them more easily than you did!




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