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Ceramics/aryclic paints vs. glazes


I am in the process of starting up a paint-yourself-studio, have a kiln and glazes and pre-made bisque. But my question, Is there a type of aryclic paint i can 'fire' in my home oven. I don't have my kiln set up yet and wanted to be able to do some events in my community to promote 'my idea'. I found one kind at walmart (folkart) that says you can make it in your oven at 350, And if so i wanted it to be food/drink safe if possible.

--What/IS there a kind of paint i can use on pre-made bisque that i can 'fire' in a regular conventional oven? Whats the difference of look between not fired and fired when it come to aryclic? Thank you

First you do not fire acrylic paint. There is an acrylic apple paint you can paint glaze or glass with, then you can cure it in the oven. Greenware is fired to bisque which you paint acrylic on and then spray with a sealer. Also, bisque can be painted with a glaze and then must be fired.
Read careful the folkart it is not usually food safe. Defiantly acrylic is not food safe.


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