I have a Knight kiln 82(model K-10 sitter kiln ) but can not find any information or manuals for it ..any ideas ? I don't even know if it works  the person said its been sitting for 7 years but worked great before that; she can not help me as she moved out of state , any thoughts or suggestions would be great !!

Thank you

The first thing is to turn it on and leave the lid open, on high. After one to two hours look and make sure all elements are red hot. If so shut lid and see if the cone shuts it off. I would use a high cone 16-20. Also, I would use shelf cones to see if the different levels get hot enough. Usually kilns last a long time. They are pretty easy to repair the elements. I usually look for clean stone around the edges and that the elements are in place. If so usually you will have no problem. Good Luck! If you need any more help let me know. I have never heard of Knight but most kilns are the same.  


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