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I grew up with ceramics at my grandmothers house.... With children of my own, I thought I could pass the fun on.   Bought an OLD  Paragon kiln & the kids and I glazed some pieces.  Well, I didn't know how to fire the kiln! I used cone 06.... Came back to very hard melted blobs on the inside of the kiln... 1.  How do I get it out? 2.  Did I ruin the kiln & 3.  What is the typical firing procedure?

Thank you so very much!

The shelves can be scrapped off. I used a screw driver and break it off.
You can not ruin a kiln. 06 is the correct #. The kiln must be overfiring.
Use shelf cone sitters and but on 2 or 3 shelves. Check it often and leave lid propped open 1 inch to see in. You may have a short, also. Also, could be the cone did not bend and shut off? A lot of things to look at. First try the sitters and make sure cone is in, set the back up timer for 3 hours and let me now what happens,please. Good Luck  


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