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QUESTION: I am developing a new product that requires a heavy base. I want to use poured ceramics because it can be decorated. I already built a mold where I can pour the item in one piece. My question: What kind of firing problems can I expect even if the piece is totally dried?  One local "Expert" laughed for 20 minutes when I told her what I wanted to do. She also said that I could not possibly build a one-piece mold for pouring ceramics.
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ANSWER: You can build an open face mold. Otherwise how would you get it out.?? If it is too thick it will just break in the kiln. Why not use cement and not fire it? You can decorate plaster too. It does not need fired, also?? Not exactly sure what you are making??

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QUESTION: I do have a patent pending, so I can share this with you. I am creating a base that will hold a brush for cats to self-groom their face, head, and ears. The base has to be relatively heavy to keep them from upending the assembly. The base is 6 1/2" long, 4 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" high. There are 3/4" high arcs cut the length and width, so the piece is not entirely solid. This will be used indoors, so I'm not sure about the decorative value of concrete. When you say concrete I'm sure you mean "mortar mix" as opposed to cement mix with large aggregate, don't you? I do like the idea of using plaster. Can you steer me toward some online sites where I might find some good ideas?
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Amazon, Lowe's, Micheals have plaster. Also, you could put carpet around the cement. Ceramic will work with the hole for the brush. I am sure you can build it thinner on the edge then the middle. I would keep trying with the ceramics it should work. Maybe  will see you on the Shark Tank. Good Luck


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