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Ceramics/handprint impressions in clay


Hi. I do children's handprint impressions in clay. I have been doing this as a hobby for about 6 years and just cant seem to get the exact result I am looking for. Originally I was using Amaco low fire clay but recently changed to Clearwater because it seemed to be softer and show more detail in the handprint. I am trying to get as much detail to show through as possible especially the lines in the little hands. I then fire to bisque. Then paint with low fire glazes. I've used mostly Duncan concepts or mayco stroke and coat. I want to achieve a translucent colored look where the glaze pools in the creases and lines of the hand and foot prints. Can you help steer me in the right direction of what clay product and glaze products I should be using? Is my only option to transition over to high fire? I haven't worked with high fire in the past.

Sorry  do molded ceramics. So not sure on the clay.
The glaze if put on very careful and even should fire fine. So it will not pool you could fire upside down on stilts.
High fire is easy and fast but I use slip not clay. Hope this helps a little, Good luck


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