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Ceramics/Slip-dipping fibers in low-fire clay



I am trying to make some small ornaments from cotton lace that gets the same appearance as the porcelain lace skirts on lady figurines from the 1940's.

I only have a low-fire kiln so I hope to be able to use low-fire slip.

I did a test batch but the pieces crumbled when I brought them out of the bisque firing. I THINK it's because I did not saturate the lace well enough with the slip and there just wasn't enough clay particles close enough to stick together but...

But perhaps it just isn't possible to get a strong enough piece using low-fire clay?

I can, if I need to, use porcelain slip to make them and then rent kiln space but since it is hard for me to travel and I need to do frequent runs to get this right and then to produce batches, I am hoping to find a way to do this with low-fire.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

The lace is very tricky. The lace can have 0 nylon in it or it will fall apart. The best thing to do is used thick cotton lace and then saturated in the slip till soaking wet put it on damp Green wear. Then very carefully Touch glaze because it will fall apart. I never tried porcelain but had no troubles with cotton. Hard to find thou. Good luck let me know if this helped.

I have never tried it by it self. I do not believe it will work, it is to fine. May turn to dust.


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